Asking Generative Questions

Asking Generative Questions Allows Space to Open Up That Lets You Co-Create a Future With New Possibilities

Did you know that whenever we ask generative questions, we are shifting our vibrational frequency and opening the door to allow for new possibilities to occur on an energetic level that lets the universe show us more of what we want our life to be?

What if you could easily get into the habit of using these questions as a tool to consciously design the type of future you really want beyond what you’ve decided is possible?

Generative questions are the kind of questions that you ask in wonderment, non-judgement, and curiosity of what else is possible so you can co-create your future.

Because in any given moment, when you ask a question without any point of view attached or judgement/conclusion from a fixed point of view  ie: this is “good” or “bad”, you are energetically shifting the molecules of what gets manifested in your future.  Learning to trust in what the divinely guided universe delivers, if you didn’t “ask for that” or understand why it’s showing up, just follow the energy.

I wonder how much fun can I have creating my future?

How can this turn out better than anything I could have imagined?

I wonder what new things can open up for me if I ask more questions?

What can I add to my life today that would expand my life in many ways?

With every “What if…” or “I wonder… “What would it take…” type of question, you’re asking the infinite universe to show you something different, something more and b e y o n d  what your cognitive mind is telling you is actually possible?  Instead of having outcomes only based on what has occurred in the past or based on our limited, low-vibrating, fixed points of view and also those of others.  Looking to your past is not a reflection of what you can create in your future.

We are all so programmed to try to control and “figure out” situations thinking that’s how it’s going to go our way, but it doesn’t usually work out that well… have you noticed?  Your underlying energy and vibrational frequency is what determines the physical molecular outcomes because that’s what is being communicated to the universe.  What you want is to BE the energy of curiosity and wonder so it can deliver even greater things beyond what you thought was “right” or what you “thought” you wanted.

The vibrational interaction of our thoughts, emotions, words, and beliefs is what activates the molecules that create our physical reality in every moment and we have the ability to consciously work with this fundamental force.

When faced with a specific situation we would like to change, it’s best to stay neutral and acknowledge the current situation.  Try asking questions from the space of… “Ok, now what’s next?”, “Ok, now what’s possible?”,  “Ok, what would it take for something better to show up?”  Do not align or agree, resist and react, or judge it and get emotionally caught up.  Instead… be in the question and be in allowance and non-judgement of what is showing up.asking generative questions

Just the simple fact that you’re not settling for “it is what it is” and you are willing to ask the universe for something different can set new things into motion to support you and the unseen energy molecules can reconfigure in an instant – it’s the basic principle of quantum physics.

It’s a powerful tool to play with in your life, but also be mindful not to go into it with specific expectations like “fixing a problem” because that is just a judgment that will cut off your awareness and keep you stuck. 

Asking Generative Questions is a technique that can be practiced and taken on as a way of life.  As you integrate this practice into your daily life, you will open up your mind and energetically shift the places and spaces where you are locked up – instead, keeping yourself in a neutral point of view so that you can be more open to awarenesses of new actions to take that will create a different outcome or greater possibilities for receiving more!

This practice takes persistence and a commitment to you to continue to ask questions and become more aware, and clearing energies that aren’t you, as you continue to choose more and more and more with the universe to create the magic.

As you are getting into this new habit, you may struggle to find the words and often can’t think of what to ask or ask questions in such a way that it isn’t expansive and doesn’t come from a lightness, but there is a special tool that can help you!

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I’ve created an audio series with hundreds of Access Consciousness Questions that I’ve compiled over the last several years by listening to dozens of hours of interviews, radio shows, special recordings, and attended multiple Access classes with Gary Douglas, Dain Heer, Curry Glassell, Shannon O’Hara, Kathryn McIntyre, Cory Michelle, Gosia Lorenz and others.

Each themed, done-for-you MP3 download includes an audio recording with over forty (40) generative questions that are designed to easily download and play on your mobile device anytime you choose to focus on creating something greater in a specific area of your life.

Here’s how to listen:

  • Load the MP3 onto your smart phone or play it right from your computer
  • Be in a vibration of expansion and lightness when you’re in the creative mindset of child-like wonder and curiosity, excited about what the future can bring
  • Spend 5-20 minutes listening to each question in the recording – pause time is included
  • Sense the lightness you feel in just asking each question, if you sense heaviness, then use the clearing statement for the places that judgement or conclusion are creeping in
  • Use your imagination to really WONDER and remain open to RECEIVING ideas of what action you might take next
  • Read through the written PDF of the questions for additional reinforcement – you may choose to record them over in your own voice for future listening
  • BE in GRATITUDE, that is a key element of creation!   Thank the Universe for what has shown up and ask for even greater which says you acknowledge it’s contribution and you are inviting in even more expansion.  “Thank you so much and how does it get better than this?”, “This is great, thank you…now what’s next?” , “How did I get so lucky to receive this and what’s possible now?”

I find that the more I listen, the more these questions just naturally come to mind and I find myself asking them without even thinking about it and then a new space of non-judgment and wonderment opens up and I begin to co-create my life with the universe with more ease.


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20 min Audio w/ PDF transcript includes questions like these:

  • What choice could I make today to have a more joyful body right away?
  • What would it take for me to receive the information my body is giving me with total ease?
  • What would it take for me to be in total non-judgement of my body?
  • What if I could honor my body’s true gift of greatness is every way?
  • What would it take for me to choose to have a better relationship with my body ?
  • over 40 questions all on a repeatable loop!

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20 min Audio w/ PDF transcript includes questions like these:

  • What energy, space and consciousness can I be to have total awareness about my creating my future?
  • What kind of future can I create that is different from what other people around me are choosing?
  • I wonder what I could choose that would create a greater possibility for my future and my life?
  • What future can I create with the choice I make today?
  • What would it take for me to create a future I would REALLY like to have?
  • What does the future I desire to create require of me today?
  • over 40 questions all on a repeatable loop!

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20 min Audio w/ PDF transcript includes questions like these:

  • I wonder what choice I could make today to receive a phenomenal love right away?
  • How can I expand my capacity to find the best partner for me?
  • What would it take to find a love greater than I ever thought possible?
  • What if I could receive everything I always asked for my partner to be?
  • What would it take for me to create a relationship that’s nurturing, caring, and joyful?
  • Where do I need to put my energy today to create a greater relationship right away?
  • over 40 questions all on a repeatable loop!

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20 min Audio w/ PDF transcript includes questions like these:

  • What would it take for people who want to pay me to show up in my life and in my business?
  • Who can I contact today that would love to buy my products and services?
  • What action can I take today that would expand my business right away?
  • What can I add to my life today that would create a greater future for me and my business?
  • over 50 questions in all on a repeatable loop

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20 min Audio w/ PDF transcript includes questions like these:

  • What would it take for more than enough money to show up with ease?
  • Who else can help contribute to the expansion of my money flows?
  • Who else do I know that would like to hire me and pay me for something?
  • What would it take to have more gratitude for the money that’s already supporting me in my life?
  • What can I add to my life that will create more money right away?
  • over 40 questions in all on a repeatable loop

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20 min Audio w/ PDF transcript includes questions like these:

  • I wonder how much joy and fun I could have today?
  • If I were truly creating my life today, what would I create right away?
  • What gratitude can I be for my life and my living today?
  • What would it take for me to allow the universe to truly work for me?
  • over 40 questions in all on a repeatable loop

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20 min Audio w/ PDF transcript includes questions like these:

  • What would it take for something even better to show up?
  • What needs to change here in order for this to work for me?
  • What question am I not asking here that would change this?
  • What’s it going to take to change this with ease?
  • What point of view would I have to give up for this to change?
  • over 40 questions in all on a repeatable loop

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Special guided audio includes questions like these:

  • Will this choice make me happy?
  • Will choosing this create more ease in my life?
  • Will this be a contribution to my life?
  • If I choose this, what will my life be like in 5 years?
  • What other questions can I ask that would create more clarity for me?
  • Will this choice be rewarding?

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Important Note: The Generative Questions Audio Series was inspired by Access Consciousness® but is not directly related to the tools of Access Consciousness® created by Gary Douglas nor does it include The Clearing Statement™. Disclaimer