Receiving More Money With Ease

This powerful audio does the work for you, just download, play and listen daily to begin consciously co-creating your life with the universe.

What would it be like to wake up each day knowing that money is always there for you? That you are supported by the universe and if you let go of the “how”, you can then allow yourself to be guided into the higher possibilities and awarenesses so you can take inspired action toward receiving more!

Once you ask a question, then let go of the need to control and be in allowance:

  • Ask from a place of curiosity and wonderment, trusting that the universe is working on your behalf
  • Tune into your awareness & notice what choice feels lightest, then take inspired action in that moment
  • Above all, trust that everything is showing up for your highest good and remain grateful for whatever shows up – whenever it shows up without judgement and keep asking more questions

Each themed MP3 download includes an audio recording with over forty (40) generative questions that are designed to easily download and play on your mobile device anytime to focus on creating something greater in a specific area of your life.  A written PDF of the questions is also included so that you may read them as well as easily record them over in your own voice.


The more you listen and make this a part of your routine, the more these questions will just naturally come to mind and you’ll find yourself asking them without even thinking about it.  The series of questions are looped several times so that you can set each recording on repeat to go even deeper.

How does it get any better than that?

Here’s how to listen:

  • Load the MP3 onto your smart phone or play it right from your computer
  • Be in a vibration of expansion and lightness when you’re in the creative mindset of child-like wonder and curiosity, excited about what the future can bring
  • Spend 5-20 minutes listening to each question in the recording – pause time is included
  • Sense the lightness you feel in just asking each question, if you sense heaviness, then use the clearing statement for the places that judgement or conclusion are creeping in
  • Use your imagination to really WONDER and remain open to RECEIVING ideas of what action you might take next
  • Read through the written PDF of the questions for additional reinforcement – you may choose to record them over in your own voice for future listening
  • BE in GRATITUDE, that is a key element of creation!   Thank the Universe for what has shown up and ask for even greater which says you acknowledge it’s contribution and you are inviting in even more expansion.  “Thank you so much and how does it get better than this?”, “This is great, thank you…now what’s next?” , “How did I get so lucky to receive this and what’s possible now?”

I find that the more I listen, the more these questions just naturally come to mind and I find myself asking them without even thinking about it and then a new space of non-judgment and wonderment opens up and I begin to co-create my life with the universe with more ease.

Generative Questions for Receiving More Money With Ease

20 min Audio loop w/ PDF transcript includes questions like these:

  • What would it take for more than enough money to show up with ease?
  • Who else can help contribute to the expansion of my money flows?
  • Who else do I know that would like to hire me and pay me for something?
  • What would it take to have more gratitude for the money that’s already supporting me in my life?
  • What can I add to my life that will create more money right away?
  • over 40 questions in all on a repeatable loop

Valued at $40

Yours for $22

generative questions receiving more money

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Important Note: The Generative Questions Audio Series was inspired by Access Consciousness® but is not directly related to the tools of Access Consciousness® created by Gary Douglas nor does it include The Clearing Statement™. Disclaimer