The Clearing Statement

The Clearing Statement

“Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, All Nine, POC POD, Shorts, Boys, & Beyonds”

Now, that’s what will sound like gibberish that you’ll hear Access Facilitators say and there’s an explanation that may make better sense to your cognitive mind, but you know what…you don’t have to understand it because the clearing will work anyway.

It’s short speak for pages and pages of questions that are condensed down into this brief statement. Just say this smaller statement that stands for all the other stuff. What does Access clearing statement™ mean?

The Access Clearing Statement™ is used to undo the positive or negative charge that holds limitation in place.  Asking questions bring up a certain energy and then the statement allows space for another choice and another possibility to show up.

You might notice that when you hear a facilitator run a clearing statement; you feel a wave, a breeze, a shiver or you get sleepy, or spacey and can’t comprehend. I tend to yawn…a lot.  It moves through you and then you notice an expansion and a greater awareness.

It turns out, we’re at the start of a huge shift in the growing awareness for Access Consciousness because in recent years it’s been spreading faster than anyone imagined it would.

Now that you know about The Clearing Statement™, the next step is to learn more about how to use the audio processes and loops so you can start to destroy and uncreate your stuck points of view and limiting beliefs holding you back.